[Saturday volunteers Magenta Wright and Natalie Worman raise Group funds taking part in fancy dress as a horse and jockey in the Slough Together Walk 2013.]

So that we can continue to provide disabled people with the opportunity to ride or carriage drive, we need your help. You can help us by volunteering, or with any financial assistance that you feel able to give us.


All RDA groups rely on volunteers - a single riding session for five disabled children can routinely need ten volunteer leaders and side-helpers, plus one volunteer instructor. A mounting team, to assist adult riders, is made up of three specially trained helpers and physiotherapists. And, with tack, harness, field shelters, fences, loose-boxes, feed bins, water troughs, riding arenas and horse-boxes to maintain, along with general administration and fund-raising to be organised, every group welcomes volunteers with a variety of skills.

Contact us to find out more. We look forward to welcoming you as a volunteer at South Bucks RDA Group.

If you don't live locally to our South Bucks Group (we're just north of Slough and south of Gerrards Cross), then your own local RDA group will be really glad of any help you can offer them. You can contact them through the National RDA web site www.rda.org.uk, which includes contact details for all groups www.rda.org.uk/rda-groups. and details of how far they are located from your postcode.


Riding for the Disabled Association receives no Government funding. All RDA groups depend on financial assistance from corporate or individual supporters to ensure their future. And, providing enjoyable riding or driving, in safe and pleasant surroundings, does not come cheaply: our group's veterinary fees were in excess of £12,000 last year, and sets of horseshoes, for each horse or pony, work out more than Louboutins or Manolo Blahniks, at almost £10,000 per year!

All of our riders must wear a safety hat, conforming to the latest safety standards. Not everyone can afford to buy their own, so we supply these, with each one costing about £40. Then there are our requirements for saddles, stirrups, bridles, reins and harness - with special adaptations for our riders' needs - not forgetting the upkeep of our grazing, and additional food like pony nuts, carrots and hay...

...financial assistance is alway very welcome!

You can donate regularly, or make a one-off donation, securely and quickly using our JustGiving Secure Donation Service